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Traxxas Blue Skully Body with Decals

Blue Skully Body with Decals

This is a replacement Traxxas Pre-Painted Blue Skully Body. This body is fully trimmed out and features installed decals, but includes an additional...
Traxxas Body Bone Craniac

Body Bone Craniac

Factory Painted Factory Trimmed Factory Applied Decals Front and Rear Body Mounts and Posts (Part # 3619) Also a direct fit for all electric 2WD...
Traxxas Body, Clear: Jato

Body, Clear: Jato

Features Clear Lexan Body Only Requires painting and trimming
Traxxas Body, Clear: Revo 2008

Body, Clear: Revo 2008

Traxxas Clear Body 1/16 E-Revo

Clear Body 1/16 E-Revo

This is the clear body set for the 1/16 E-Revo
Traxxas Clear Body: 1/16 Slash

Clear Body: 1/16 Slash

Traxxas Clear Body: Summit

Clear Body: Summit

Traxxas Clear Body: XO-1

Clear Body: XO-1

Traxxas Disruptor Body Painted Black for all TMX's

Disruptor Body Painted Black for all TMX's

Traxxas continues to push the limits of truck-body technology. The latest custom-painted body to rock your T-Maxx and SportMaxx is the awesome new...
Traxxas Grave Digger Painted Body

Grave Digger Painted Body

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