Team Novak

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name
Team Novak GTB 2 Racing Brushless ESC w/X-Drive

GTB 2 Racing Brushless ESC w/X-Drive

Novak X-Drive™ has arrived in a major way, and is taking the racing world by storm! This technology has now been added to the tried-and-true GTB 2...
Team Novak GTX Programmable Racing ESC

GTX Programmable Racing ESC

Think small. Really small. Now think powerful. High-tech. Rugged. Durable. Orange. These are all accurate ways to describe Novak’s smallest and...
Team Novak M2 Digital Dual Brushed ESC

M2 Digital Dual Brushed ESC

Picture the functionality and utility of two Novak Goat Crawler Speed Controls in brushed mode and Novak’s Dig Unit; now, envision it in one highly...
Team Novak XRS Reversible Sport ESC

XRS Reversible Sport ESC

The XRS is priced inexpensively. However, while its price is low, the little reversible ESC is full of features normally found in higher-priced speed...

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