1/10 R/C Ford F350 High-Lift


Electric R/C assembly kit of one of the most representative American pick-up trucks, the Ford F-350. The model features realistic ladder frame, 3-speed transmission and shaft drive 4WD system. Highly detailed injection moulded body and large diameter wheels enhance the stylish high-ground-clearance look. Original marking stickers add to the truck’s overall realism.

  • An abundance of metal parts such as ladder frame, under guard, front guard, leaf springs and aluminum friction dampers are included.
  • Roll bar, road light, front grille, front/rear bumper, side-step, diff guard, wheels and muffler feature metal-plated finish.
LADDER FRAME Durable and realistic ladder frame consists of steel channel and resin cross member.

PROPELLER SHAFTS F/R propeller shafts feature universal joint to efficiently transmit power even if suspension is moving up and down.

  • Battery held in low position for excellent weight balance and stability.
  • Easy access holder allows running battery to be exchanged without removing body.
  • 4 wheel steering can be enabled by adding kit supplied rear axle tension rod.
  • 4-wheel steering enables even tighter turning radius, perfect when using truck indoors or in confined space.
  • Newly designed monster truck tires feature lug pattern suited for driving on rough surfaces.
  • Apply cement to wheels and tires when running on rough terrain.
  • Worn out wheel hubs can be replaced with #53056 Pin type Wheel Adapter
3-SPEED TRANSMISSION Newly designed 3-speed transmission provides smooth low speed running, and allows gear changing while running. Low gear > 2nd gear > Top gear:1:64.39 > 1:35.20 > 1:21.14

SLIPPER CLUTCH Includes slipper clutch as standard part to protect gears during tough off-road running.

DIFFERENTIAL GEAR Durable resin gear case with integrated die-cast differential gear.

  • Differential lock, essential for driving on rough roads, may be easily enabled by simply removing F/R diff case covers and removing screw pins.
  • By using differential lock, drive power is transmitted even if wheels on one side are not grounded.
LEAF SPRING SUSPENSION F/R suspension with friction dampers allows tension adjustment by altering number of leaf springs.

FRICTION DAMPERS Features red anodized aluminum cylinder. Damping effect can be adjusted by applying separately available Friction Damper Grease and adding o-rings. Select according to ground conditions and leaf spring number.
  • Standard: normal running Default settings.
  • Soft: low-speed, high grip running
Use 2 leaf springs and adjust tension using damper grease (soft) #53174.
  • Hard: stable and high-speed running
Use 5 leaf springs and apply damper grease (medium) #53175 or (hard) #53176.

  • Kit includes a total of 42pcs of bearings (35pcs x 1150, 4pcs x 1260, 2pcs x 850 size metal and 1pc of 1050 size ball bearings).
  • Metal bearings require periodic application of grease to maintain performance. Separately available ball bearings do not require this treatment, and are highly recommended.
  • This kit is designed to be used only with pre-supplied type 540 motor and pinion gear.
  • Do not use with high-spec motor.
  • Use of other makers’ low-speed torque motors is not recommended, as proper operation cannot be guaranteed.

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  • Model: TAM58372
  • Manufactured by: Tamiya