Serpent Project 4X 1/10 EP


Serpents have introduced a new, revolutionary, and innovative 1/10 Touring Car named for the time being Project 4-X. This car with a name that is reminiscent of some Q project in the James Bond films is in its last stage of development and testing, and is planned to be released in august 2016, in time for the World Championship in Beijing/China. Serpent designer David Ehrbar and Serpent are very proud to be able to release this new car to the market soon.

Team Serpent uses the Project 4-X car for over a year now and continued to develop this very new concept. In the last ETS Viktor Wilck was able to take 6th spot overall in Modified and showed very good speed and consistency. In next stages of the introduction (video, text and images) David Ehrbar, the designer of this revolutionary concept, will explain the concepts in more details and the different development stages he went through. As the car is so new and different, Serpent will spend even more time to prepare information on assembly, set-up and maintenance of the Project 4-X car, in text, images and video, to help you to learn and understand the concept and unleash its full potential faster. Although at first the Project 4-X car looks a bit complicated, after some explaining, you will soon understand itís actually quite simple and really easy to work with. But the main advantage is that it is very easy to drive and at the same time lightning fast.

  • Completely new suspension design system with pullrods and ball raced rockers.
  • Separation of the roll and the heave damping, so these can be set-up separately.
  • Very low centre of gravity.
  • Front and rear end share almost all parts.
  • Inverted steering system for better control over Ackermann angle.
  • Quick access and change of the damper units.
  • Fast and easy one-screw ride height adjustment.
  • Fast and easy spool and diff removal.
  • New spool with blades and new gear differential.
  • RRS system standard.

Sold Out
  • Model: SER400030