Pit Peak 4/5 C Receiver Peak Charger


Now there’s a convenient way to charge your gas car’s receiver pack at the track. Dynamite’s new Pit Peak charger combines sophisticated Smart Charge technology and easy-to-use one-button operation in a compact, convenient size. Its about the size of an overstuffed wallet, so it’s easy to store in your pit box, but don’t let the compact size fool you.

The Pit Peak’s Smart Charge technology prevents false peaks and ensures an accurate full charge every time. A computer chip inside the charger is preprogrammed to recognize the typical charge cycle of Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries. The charger compares the actual battery’s charge cycle voltage to this preprogrammed information several times per second. If a deviation occurs—for instance, the input power fluctuates or the receiver connectors get bumped—Pit Peak ignores the fault and continues to charge without false peaking. When the battery is fully charged, the program recognizes that and shuts off, ensuring a perfect charge every time.

Despite its sophisticated design, Pit Peak is simple to use. Just hook the alligator connectors to any 12-volt power source, and plug your car receiver pack into the universal charge connector. Push the Start button. A beep will be emitted and the solid red LED will indicate the charger is fast-charging. When the battery is fully charged, a beep will sound and the LED will blink.

The Pit Peak recognizes and charges Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries and can be used for 4- and 5-cell packs. Charge rate is a constant 1.5 amps, making it ideal for fast-charging 600–1400mAh packs. And while it may be the same size as your wallet, the best news of all is that the economical Pit Peak is certain not to empty it.

  • Peak detection circuitry
  • 1.5-amp charge rate
  • Alligator clips for DC operation
  • Universal charge lead with BEC adaptor, allows virtually all 4/5 cell receiver packs to be charged
  • Simple push-button operation
  • Type:Peak
  • Input:DC
  • # Cells:4-5
  • Charge Rate:1.5A
  • Battery Type:Ni-Cd, Ni-MH
  • Voltmeter:No
  • Amp Meter:No

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  • Model: DYN4007
  • Manufactured by: Dynamite