Force Ground Target


Equally suited for solo target practice or for creating team gameplay, this satellite dish will squeal and light up every time it’s hit by a marauding heli. Operates about four hours with the included AA batteries. This unit is smart too – it’ll turn itself off after 20 minutes of inaction. Want to make things a little tougher for the seasoned vets to hit your home base? We’ve even provided a special “choke” that requires a closer, more accurate shot to score a hit. Use the target to hone your gunnery skills on your own, or use it with up to 6 players in team battles.

  • Operates about four hours on the included AA batteries
  • Three Strike explosion system keeps you up to date on the targets status
  • Automatic shut off keeps batteries from running down
  • Team identification capability allows for scenario flexibility
  • Can also be powered by available AC 6-volt power supply

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  • Model: FCE1000