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Think small. Really small. Now think powerful. High-tech. Rugged. Durable. Orange. These are all accurate ways to describe Novak’s smallest and lightest speed control ever: the GTX, the new benchmark for programmable racing ESCs. Go ahead, measure it and compare it to other ESCs, Novak or not, and you’ll learn that the GTX is one of the smallest, lightest, and most powerful competition ESCs currently available.

The GTX has claimed several race titles thanks to world-class drivers having used it in events across the U.S. with victorious results. Among its wins are World and National titles, as well as champion of prestigious annual races. To see a list of GTX-powered racers who won race titles, click here. Thanks to sophisticated new MOSFET technology, Novak was able to design a significantly smaller, lighter, and more powerful ESC than ever before (1.11” x 0.86” x 0.60”; 0.64 oz). The best part is that the small size was achieved without sacrificing any of Novak’s signature features such as One-Touch Set-Up, Polar Drive Circuitry, and Radio Priority Circuitry. It also has Digital Anti-Glitch Circuitry, and is the only programmable racing ESC with built-in Thermal Overload Protection and a 36 Amp Schottky Diode. So not only is the GTX extra small (it’s even smaller than Novak’s XXL receiver), it’s packed full of features, power, and built to withstand the rigors of competitive R/C racing.

Equipped with Novak’s Variable Throttle Step Technology, which delivers 1300 discrete steps for both drive and braking, the GTX delivers incredibly smooth performance. The 100% digital, microprocessor-based ESC has ultra-smooth throttle response at all frequencies (up to 11 kHz), as well as the quickest response to change in transmitter signal (<60µS); all this from the smallest size and lightest weight competition ESC in any class!

Part of the GTX’s unique makeup is that it is built with six layers of gold-plated powerboards, which help increase its power-handling capabilities. Externally, the GTX also features low-resistance gold-plated PCB Direct Solder Wire Tabs. When used with the included Novak Super-Flex silicone wire, users are assured of the lowest possible voltage drop, as well as easy and convenient power wire and power capacitor replacement. The GTX uses the strongest BEC (6 volt/3 amp) available, which allows faster servo response and better torque-holding capability. For a perfect fit in any vehicle, a user-replaceable combination input harness/power switch that comes with both a long and short length input harness is included so you can get a custom looking install without having to figure out what to do with the extra wire.

It’s hard to believe, but within the tiny GTX case resides 7 throttle programs that are pre-programmed for nearly every driver, application, and track condition. For advanced users, or people who like to tune everything, Novak has incorporated a 7th program that can be customized by using the One-Touch Set-Up button (no external programming device required). Four different color LEDs help make programming even easier by providing prompts. The 7th program offers similar settings to the other six programs, but allows you to adjust Drive Frequency, Minimum Drive, Brake Frequency, Minimum Brake, Dead Band, and two different types of braking: standard Constant Force Braking or Drag Brakes.

The following seven profiles make the GTX versatile and perfect for nearly every driver:
  • Profile 1 — most aggressive profile used for high competition stock-motor applications
  • Profile 2 — very aggressive profile used for stock and 19-turn motor applications
  • Profile 3 — default profile used as a good, all around profile for stock, 19-turn and modified applications
  • Profile 4 — a smoother throttle profile that works well with modified and stock applications
  • Profile 5 — a very smooth profile for low traction applications
  • Profile 6 — second smoothest profile, which is great for controlling modifieds or for tracks with very low traction
  • Profile 7 — smoothest of all profiles and is fully adjustable for hundreds of profile possibilities

The GTX was designed with the competitive R/C driver in mind who demands not only a small, lightweight ESC, but one that can deliver superb performance. The GTX delivers all of the above and more.

  • Input Voltage: 4-7 cells or 25 Li-Po when used with Novak's #5470 Smart-stop Li-Po Module (#5470)
  • Footprint: 1.11” x 0.86” (28.2 x 21.8mm)
  • Weight: 0.64 oz. (18.1g) [with heatsink, without wires]
  • Motor Limit: None (Any brush-type R/C Motor)
  • On-Resistance:0.00034 ohms
  • Rated Current: 700* Amps @ 25°C MOSFET Temp.
  • Braking Current: 300* Amps @ 25°C MOSFET Temp.
  • BEC: 6 Volts/ 3 Amps
  • Schottky Diode: 36 Amp Built-In
  • Maximum Discrete Steps: 2600 (1300/Forward, 1300/Reverse)
  • Battery/Motor Wire: 10”/14G (12AWG can also be used)
  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • 7 Throttle Programs
  • On-Board Programming with 4 Color Status LEDs
  • Gold-Plated PCB Direct-Solder Wire Tabs
  • Variable Throttle Step Technology
  • User-replaceable combination Input Harness/Power Switch (#5305)
  • One-Touch Set-Up
  • Radio-Priority Circuitry
  • Polar-Drive Circuitry
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Digital Anti-Glitch Circuitry
  • Throttle Programs: 7 (6 fixed, 1 customizable)
  • Drive Frequencies: 1 of 7 (1-11 kHz)
  • Minimum Drive: 1 of 5 (2-12%)
  • Brake Frequency: 1 of 5 (1-6 kHz) Standard or Drag
  • Minimum Brake (all programs): 1 of 7 (0-50%)
  • Dead Band: 1 of 5 (2-6%)
  • Drag Brake: 1 of 7 (0-50%)

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  • Model: NOV1780
  • Manufactured by: Team Novak

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